The Unicorn

Why a Unicorn?
Although the unicorn is generally regarded as a mythical animal, beliefs from many different cultures hold that it did exist in one form or another. It was considered a symbol of medicine and therefore healing. It has also been regarded as The Guardian of The Tree of Life; the tree representing the polarity of the universe, identity, body self, personality, higher self and knowledge.

It is said that the horn of a unicorn had magical powers and would bleed if poison was brought nearby. It could therefore be used as a warning against such harm; if a unicorn ever allowed itself to be caught for the purpose.

References to a unicorn having a never failing sense of justice, holding the basic principles of nobility, selflessness and purity whilst at the same time being a strong and fierce but good creature, solitary and beautiful, can also be found in history.

The unicorn has been depicted on crests and drawings as one of the two Kings of Animals, the other being the lion. The unicorn representing spring, the lion summer.

An IT consultancy needs the traits mentioned above. It must have the command and respect of a King; a sense of justice; the ability to guide and defend; courage in its conviction to heal; and the ability of foresight to prevent harm. It must be strong and selfless; capable of holding its own in a solitary environment. It must be knowledgable but with the power to tap other sources of knowledge and ability where its own are deficient. Sometimes, mystical insight is required to provide the correct solution. It is these things that inspired the company name.

The unicorn is original artwork designed for the company in 2000 by Helen Seymour

Mick Seymour